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Architectural Committee Chairperson-   Richard Moore-

Dry Boat Storage Manager-  Micheal Sullivan (Sully)-

Clubhouse Chairperson-  Micheal Sullivan (Sully)-
Landscaping Committee Head-  Raif Todd-
Landscaping Committee chairperson-  Vanessa Sims-
Playground Committee-  Vanessa Sims-
Pool Facilities-  Raif Todd-
Pool Manager & Keys-  Laurie Lorenzi-

Social Committee Head-  Jennifer McGraw

Swim Team Manager- Jon McGraw-
(We are currently looking for a volunteer to fill this position)

Swim Team Head Coach-  Jennifer Quick

Swim Team President-  John Marra 

Swim Team Treasurer-  Karen Marra

Swim Team Secretary- Elizabeth George

Web Manager-  Vanessa Sims-

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